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Digital Blasphemy


Digital Blasphemy is the brainchild of Ryan Bliss, a digital artist who created the website designed to show his work. Most of the pieces are landscape or space scenes, and rarely do they contain people. The thing that sets DB apart from other sites, however, is that Bliss doesn’t keep the site to himself. There is a large user gallery as well, where other artists can submit their work and allow it to be rated and commented on. Bliss only lets the best submissions into the gallery, so typically what is seen there is on par or sometimes even exceeding his own work. While the site is geared towards providing wallpapers for people’s computers, the level of artistic ability that goes into each piece certainly cannot be denied, and DB makes a significant profit on selling posters and prints as well.

 Ryan Bliss originally started making digital art on a crappy Compac computer in 1994. The reason he felt so inclined was because Windows 3.1 only came with one wallpaper background, and to change it to something else, you had to make it. This is one of the main reasons that Digital Blasphemy is geared towards computer and electronic device wallpapers: it was Bliss’ inspiration to enter into the realm of digital imaging. Today, he works with tools ranging from “Lightwave 3D” to “World Builder.”

  I don’t think I would change anything about Digital Blasphemy. The site is one of the most popular digital art sites on the internet for a reason. It would be nice if membership was free, but that would probably kill the business side of things. And there’s always plenty to see in the free and user galleries.


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